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sustainability doctrine

Using compost and worm castings instead of synthetic fertilizers is an effective way to grow your plants and reduce your environmental footprint. But the process begins long before you toss that first handful of castings into your garden. We keep sustainability in mind from beginning to end.


Recycled waste streams

Composting, whether by bin or by earthworm, is a great way to disrupt the typical waste stream cycle. By composting local yard waste, organic farm crop waste, and plant-based food waste that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, we ensure our compost is sustainably derived. 

Our compost and worm castings are not based on processed grain feed.


hand crafted

By working in relatively small volume batches, we're able to track every data point during all stages of production to ensure the highest quality and consistency in results.


With years of experience creating compost and worm castings, we've streamlined the process and gotten the kinks out. 


sustainable packaging

Bringing sustainable products to market in sustainable packaging is vital, and not just for environmental reasons. Compost and worm castings are living soil that requires airflow to live and breathe.


Our worm castings and compost are screened and bagged to order. Packaging options include home-compostable pouches, natural jute burlap sacks, and a reusable, refillable multi-use bucket (ask about our exchange program). 


local delivery

It makes sense that compost and castings that are created from local waste streams should be returned to the earth in local gardens.


We ship our Richmond-crafted worm castings anywhere in Virginia via ground. 

We offer free delivery in our existing service area: Delivery Area.

We offer pick-up of both worm castings and compost from our Richmond-area location.

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