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about terra firma compost

About Us

We are a family owned and operated chicken farm, residential landscaping company, food waste collector, and compost crafter. Terra Firma has been serving Richmond, Virginia for over twenty years. 


We've been composting yard waste since the early aughts. Our gated, secure composting site has been inspected and approved by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. We specialize in plant-based compost from our own landscaping operations, guaranteeing that pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals are never a part of our recipe.

Worm Castings 

Our indoor worm facility is a bustling hub of our operation. We've created a streamlined system of bins which are tailored to our unique sustainable process. We've been making plant-based castings since 2016, raising hundreds of thousands of worms in dozens of custom-built beds. We use a custom-designed lower vibration screener to keep the screening process low-stress for our wigglers.  

Proof is in the Produce

The value of castings is evident on our farm! We use worm castings and compost regularly in our house-made soil mix. Our worm tea is liberally sprayed on flowering and fruiting plants for maximum protection from pests and disease. We rely on our compost and worm castings to produce the biggest, healthiest yields in our own gardens. We think they'll be just as valuable in yours!

our crew



Composter, Worm Wrangler

Drew runs the show! He's been in the landscaping industry for over twenty years, founding Terra Firma Landscaping LLC in 1997. With a horticulture degree, a passion for growing stuff, and 20+ years composting experience, he ensures the highest quality compost in the land.



Chicken Tender, Marketer

Alison tends to the gardens indoors and out, takes care of 100+ hens, and handles marketing and advertising. She also takes care of everything behind the scenes. With a degree and professional background in marketing and graphic design, she lends a creative eye to Terra Firma's branding and outreach.



Production Assistant

August was recently awarded a coveted apprenticeship with Terra Firma Compost and is already on his way to Compostier status. 




Rosie wears many hats. Most of them are pink. From watering to harvesting to catching rogue chickens, her talents are endless. I guess you could say that she *actually* runs the show.

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