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compost PRICING


Worm Castings

Plant-based vermicast packaged to order

Resealable Bag

3 QT (4lbs) - $15

10 QT (12.5lbs) - $25

Burlap Sack

1/2 CU FT (18lbs) - $32

1 CU FT (38lbs) - $62

Refillable Pail

1 GAL (5lbs) - $18

5 GAL (25lbs)  - $50



Plant-based compost bagged to order

Burlap Sack

1/2 CU FT (20lbs) - $7

1 CU FT (40lbs) - $10


Super Blend

80%/20% Compost-Castings Uniform Blend


Burlap Sack

1/2 CU FT (20lbs) - $15.00

1 CU FT (40lbs) - $20

Thank you for your support, RVA!!

Due to high demand from new and repeat customers state-wide, we are unable to provide bulk compost to new accounts. Our current availability is limited to bagged quantities only. Compost and Super Blend are available in 1/2 and 1 cubic foot sacks.

We will update our availability when we're able to resume delivery of compost by the cubic yard.

Return original packaging for credit on your next order:
Burlap sacks (all sizes): $1 refill credit
1 gallon pail: $3 refill credit 
5 gallon pail: $10 refill credit

Shipping, delivery & pick-up

Shipping: Our 3qt and 1gal castings are available for shipping throughout the state of Virginia via ground service. VA sales tax and shipping are applied when you check out using our online shopping cart (scroll down).

Pick-up: For local pick-up from our Richmond-area location, contact us for an invoice. Our pick-up hours are limited and must be arranged in advance. Please note that compost and worm castings are packaged to order!

Local Delivery: We deliver! Check out our delivery area and contact us if you qualify for free local delivery!

Outside Virginia: Contact us if you wish to ship outside Virginia. We encourage shopping local but will ship to locations that have no local options.

Virginia in-state Shipments
Typically ships next day

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